Comment pieces

The i

I can’t wait to wear fun, impractical clothes again, after a year in greyish leggings

I feel closer to family living abroad than ever before – we now understand the importance of staying in touch (The i):

I’m writing post-lockdown resolutions to give me a clearer vision of what I want for the future (The i):

Despite its glamour, Bridgerton’s social restrictions and promenades in parks feel very close to home (The i):

Hanukkah is very different this year, but the festival means more to me than ever before (The i):

Psychologists say cities are as kind to strangers as villages – I’m not surprised (The i):

I’m delighted a local newspaper has dropped ‘Dear Sir’ from its letters page (The i):


I lived my very own version of Emily in Paris’s life and the show is actually spot on (Glamour):